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Tashan – For The Sake Of Love (1993)

Tashan - For The Sake Of Love (1993)

01. Tempted
02. Been A Long Time
03. Ecstatic
04. For The Sake Of Love
05. Single And Lonely
06. Still In Love
07. Love Is Forever
08. Romantically Inspired
09. Control Of Me
10. Insane
11. All I Ever Do
12. Love Of My Life
13. I Want You

R&B singer Tashan, whose real name is Thomas Pearce, was born in 1963 in New York City. He grew up in Poughkeepsie, NY where he was immersed in music. Tashan’s mother had him attend local dance courses and he would miss school some days to attend auditions in New York City.
Tashan got his first break in the music industry when he wrote and produced ‘Yours For A Night’ in the 1980s for the rappers Whodini. He then appeared on the first album by Fat Boys and toured with the Zulu Nation. All of this work finally paid off as Tashan got a deal of his own with Def Jam in 1985.In 1986, he released his first album, Chasin’ A Dream. The album was followed by On the Horizon in 1990. On the Horizon saw several charting singles for Tashan. ‘Think About You’ which reached #74 on the R&B charts, ‘Save The Family’ which reached #34 and ‘Black Man’ which reached #35.This is from his first album chasing a dream.


A first-rate soul and R&B vocalist, Tashan has had the misfortune of being stylistically in the wrong era. His sound is too earthy and raw for the urban contemporary mainstream, yet not Southern and bluesy enough for the Southern market. While he is also well-versed in hip-hop and rap via his New York upbringing, his Def Jam LPs have included some blistering duets with Alyson Williams. Tashan started off in the mid-’80s by writing and producing “Yours for a Night,” which was recorded by rappers Whodini. He was signed to Def Jam/Columbia in 1985 and Chasin’ a Dream was released in 1986. On the Horizon followed in 1989. Neither attracted widespread commercial interest, though he is more popular in England. His third album was released in 1994.


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Tashan – On The Horizon (1989)

Tashan - On The Horizon (1989)

01. Black Man
02. How Ya Livin’
03. Keep Movin’ On
04. Save The Family
05. Heaven
06. Tears Of Joy
07. Think About You
08. All The Time Lovin’
09. Great Feeling
10. Do You Wanna Know
11. Changes
12. On The Horizon
13. This One’s For James

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Tashan – Chasin’ A Dream (1986)

Tashan - Chasin' A Dream (1986)

01. Strung Out On You
02. Got The Right Attitude
03. Chasin’ A Dream
04. Ooh We Baby
05. Read My Mind
06. So Much In Love
07. I Don’t Ever
08. Love Is…
09. Thank You Father
10. If Words Can Express…

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