• I’m not surprised why certain people don’t believe in God – not all children believe in their parents either.

  • We tend to think about consequences only before making a decision, but not at the very moment when the decision is being made.

  • It’s impossible to understand what the universal love is until you read The Gospels. But you’re still capable of loving someone in your own way.

  • Relativity is so obvious that 19+9=4 (in a 24h time format).

  • People often seem to confuse kindness and mercy: you can still show kindness to someone who you’ll never be able to forgive. Mercy is of a higher notion.

  • If you expect understanding from others, it’s because you’re egocentric.

  • They say that life’s not fair. Are we?

  • The Big Bang theory is as absurd as human omnipotence.