Viktor Lazlo – Viktor Lazlo (1987)

Viktor Lazlo - Viktor Lazlo (1987)

01. Breathless
02. You Are My Man
03. Take Me
04. Moonlight Parade
05. Hey Baby, Cool!
06. Miracles
07. The Wizard’s Call
08. Rendez-vous
09. In Your Arms
10. Peter
11. Champagne And Wine
12. Don’t Say No

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2 thoughts on “Viktor Lazlo – Viktor Lazlo (1987)

  1. Hi, dear! Thanks so much. The honor is mine. Among all these Soul, R&B, Jazz musicians Viktor Lazlo is one of my most favorite female singers/artists since mid-80’s. I know that she’s also a composer and a poet. I admire her music and works. I appreciate the invitation. I’ll definitely visit your blog. Cheers! :)

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